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Research and Publications

'The Washington Heights (and Depths) of George P. Pelecanos', Crime Time 3.2 (2000) pp. 52-57.
'Dashiell Hammett: Detective, Writer',
Crime Time
3.2 (2000) pp. 101-116.

'Writing in the Darkness: The World of Cornell Woolrich',
2.6 (1999) pp. 113-126


'Life's A Bitch: Paranoia and Sexuality in the Novels of David Goodis', Crimetime 2.1 (1997) pp.14-20.
‘Plucking a re-feathered bird: on the revised ending of The Maltese Falcon in the Bancroft Library’, 
Bancroftiana (1996).
This has been 'forthcoming' for ever. I don't know if they ever used it (if they did, they never sent me a copy!). 
'Notes Concerning the "Lily Crucifixion" in The Llanbeblig Hours', National Library of Wales Journal 27 (1991).

Hammett in paperback:

Dashiell Hammett in the Dell 'Map-backs'
(webpage compiled 1999)

Hammett's Novels
(webpage compiled 1999)


[Former] Work in progress 

The dreams that stuff is made of: film texts and myths of the falcon [1996-97]

Book Reviews

'The American Dream in Words and Pictures: Geoffrey O'Brien's Hardboiled America' Crimetime (1996)

Ed's Online Book Reviews

'Fleshing Out the Thin Man, Finishing the Unfinished 
Woman: Joan Mellen's Hellman and Hammett', 
Crimetime (1996)

An online version is available at the Rara-Avis reviews archive