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name: Eric

age: 11

hobbies: Star Wars and Lego

favourite film: Star Wars Return of the Jedi

favourite flavour ice-cream: banana choc chip (or something weird)

favourite tv show: Red Dwarf, Goosebumps, Simpsons and Robot Wars

web page: <>

name: Wilf (or me)

age: 9

hobbies: bikes, computer games, lego and star wars

favourite film: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

favourite flavour ice cream: chocolate and strawberry

favourite tv show: Red Dwarf, Simpsons and Robot Wars

web page <>

name: Albert (also known as gog, snork or babybix)

age: 5

hobbies: playing with Eric and Wilf

favourite film: Star Wars Episode 1

favourite flavour ice cream: chocolate

favourite tv show: Simpsons

web page: <>

name:sarah (mum)

age: 34

hobbies: walking in the countryside

favourite film: Bicycle Thieves

favourite flavour ice cream: chocolate, strawberry and blackcurrant

favourite tv show: This Life

web page: none

name: Eddie (dad)

age: 39

hobbies: Websurfing, writing fiction, canoeing, beer and sleeping

favourite film: The Maltese Falcon, Perfomance, Wild Things

favourite flavour ice cream: blackcurrant

favourite tv show: Video Diaries and C5 News

web site The Big House of Knowledge

name: Arthur (rabbit)

age: 3 (human years)

hobbies: chewing mum's plants

favourite film: none

favourite flavour ice cream: none

favourite tv show: none

web page: none

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