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The old house starts to look odd as we pack things away before moving day:

Sarah buckles down to sorting the back yard as the stable is disgorged of its contents.

Bookcases are emptied and odds and ends are tossed carelessly into dozens of boxes labelled 'Study'.

The front room becomes eerily tidy
as everything gets boxed up and ready to go.

All the boxes get piled up under the house so that they can be loaded onto the removal van when it arrives on moving day. We started packing up stuff and moving the boxes here about two and half weeks before the actual date designated moving day. The packing seemed to go on forever, and it seemed like there was only just enough time.

(Little did we realise at this point that the people who's house we were preparing to move into were not engaged in similar endeavors. We wouldn't find this out until we arrived at the new address with a car, a rabbit and two removal vans that the outgoing party was still, well "packing" I suppose is the appropriate the technical term, but that wasn't the term we used at the time to describe the situation. Ho-hum.)

    Sarah surveys the kitchen
    as the boxes begin to pile up.

As if by magic, the kitchen
and dining room are
suddenly empty.

Empty bedroom.

Empty study.

Above: Here comes the big removal van!

Empty boys' room.

The removal men, Colin and Dale, were great. They worked really hard and were good humoured for the two-day ordeal of moving our stuff.  

Below, removal man Dale tries to escape,
but he is soon caught and punished.
  Bye bye 32 ... ... Hello 302! 

 Albert, Wilf and Eric trying to find the fridge in the new kitchen.

Still looking ...

Sarah tries to control her
craving for raw vegetables.

That fridge has gotta
be around here somewhere...

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