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Hi, Iím Eric this is my web page.

Eric with chess medal (Summer 1998)
I live in Ipswich in England. I am eleven years old, my birthday is on the 27th of June. I will be 12 in 2000. I have two brothers, one called Wilf who is 9 years old (his birthday is on the ninth of August) the other called Albert is 5 years old (and his birthday is on the twentieth of January). In I  have another brother called Harold, and a sister called Eleanor. I also have a pet rabbit called Arthur.

Here are links to things I like.

Dr Who is an alien who can travel though time and space. 
Pokemon for the GameBoy (Cheats)  
Pokemon for the GameBoy (Pokedex)
Warhammer is game where you make and paint your own armies. 
Chess is a game I like, at my old primary school I was joint champion.
Black Adder is a comedy I like. 
Star Wars is a science fiction film series.
Lego is a toy I like. 
This is a link to my brother's page.
This is a link to my dad's page.
Click on the dinosaur to see my project I did for school.
my e-mail address is